Why The Box Of Delights is the perfect Christmas viewing

Christmas: the season of goodwill, regrettable parties, endless chocolate – and binge-watching movies and TV. Everyone has their own favourites: Doctor Who, Star Wars, Bond, Harry Potter – all shows and films that feel almost custom-made for the holiday season. But, for me, there”s one show that feels more Christmassy than all of the above: […]

Best games 2015

One of the best years in years From the rain-slick streets of Gotham City, to the arid desert of Afghanistan, 2015 has transported us across the globe and to worlds beyond. We have slain monsters for coin and breathed new life into an irradiated wasteland. The incredible size and scope of this year”s biggest releases […]

The Danish Girl review

Man! I feel like a woman…  The timing couldn’t be better, really. In the year of Caitlyn Jenner and TV’s Transparent, this handsome and sensitively played biopic about Lili Elbe, the first person to undergo gender-reassignment surgery, pushes all the right topical buttons. Recounting how 1920s Copenhagen artist Einar Wegener found his inner girl when […]

Why I Love: The insights of Clairvoyance in Psychonauts

Throughout the course of Psychonauts, most of the psychic powers wielded by our hero Raz serve a clear, practical, video-game-y purpose. Levitation lets him cruise around levels and slow his descent during jumps, Pyrokinesis sets pesky enemies on fire, Shield creates a mentally projected barrier to protect him from harm, and so on. All of […]

The biggest news stories of 2015

The biggest news of 2015 A lot happened in gaming in 2015. More than you might remember. It was a year for long-awaited sequels, franchise resurrections, publisher scandals, and a goofy Time magazine cover. It was also the year we said goodbye to one of the industry”s most beloved leaders, Satoru Iwata. To put it […]

Rediscovering Sherlock”s Victorian roots on the set of The Abominable Bride

Five years ago, Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss pulled off the unthinkable. Modernising Sherlock Holmes had seldom been attempted before, much less with any success, and initial reports of the Beeb’s contemporary update were met with scepticism from Doyle aficionados and the general public alike. How wrong we all were… Now, in 2015, what has […]

Doctor Who “The Husbands Of River Song” review

Feel the whiplash. It’s less than three weeks since series nine of Doctor Who climaxed in bold, brilliant, bruising style with the two-punch of “Heaven Sent” and “Hell Bent”. The BBC’s decision to delay this year’s run of episodes means we’ve barely had a chance to breathe after our journey into the darkest corners of […]

Halo 5: Guardians – 10 easy updates that would make a good FPS great

Shooting star Whilst the campaign is often overlooked, not living up to the expectations many had hoped, Halo 5s multiplayer experience is arguably the most complete of any Halo so far – further enforced by innovative additions such as Warzone and Breakout – bringing a touch of eclectic freshness to the proceedings. Yet, even with […]